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We want to create an international network that includes schools and training centres, to be extended to people and organisations that believe in the same ideals as us.

We want to work together to create value, not to be only understood as monetary value: creating value is important for a better life, it is important in everyday relationships, it is important in every sector, including the social and non-profit sector; creating value is working together so that 1+1 is greater than 2, together we go beyond the two single unities.


What we want to do?

We wanto to work together in such a way to:

  • bring Wide Academy training for students, teachers, school staff and the local area to as many realities as possible
  • create a social structure that facilitates international exchanges of ideas, experiences and people, that is inclusive and enhances everyone's identity
  • produce results that can be used to equip the school with new equipment, to launch projects not yet covered and so on.

Who we are looking for?

  • organisations from the world of education that wish to expand their training offer with new proposals of interest to their users
  • organisations which are complementary to ours and which consider it a plus to be able to combine their world with those of travelling, technology and training
  • realities from other fields, in contact with numerous people
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