An educational project that walks alongside traditional schools and is with you from birth to adulthood.

An immersive path made up of training, experiences, journeys, relationships conceived with value creation in mind.

A method where students are central and that focuses on knowledge, skills and abilities designed for their future.

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0-12 years: Abrakadabra 

Languages for children, total immersion method, based on play; theme-based language workshops, to learn so much more, e.g. STEM, communication, soft skills etc.; summer camps; polyglot activities; English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek available (Chinese and Russian on their way)

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13-17: Wide Academy

E-learning platform, travelling study trips to Europe with international groups, experiences designed to develop knowledge, skills and abilities in many different areas.

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18+ Meet-the-World

Travel and get to meet a specific area of the world up close, in contact with different realities, with the possibility of staying on site to volunteer in various areas thanks to a network of partners

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Preparati all'ICDL

I nostri corsi online ti aiuteranno nella preparazione degli esami di certificazione ICDL.

ICDL Essentials

ICDL Essentials è il primo percorso di certificazione proposto dal nuovo programma ICDL, è particolarmente indicata per i giovani studenti che iniziano il loro percorso di studio.

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ICDL Prime

ICDL PRIME è un percorso di certificazione completo per chi vuole accostarsi al mondo digitale in modo consapevole ed efficace.

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ICDL Full Standard

Il programma di certificazione ECDL Full Standard ti aiuta a sfruttare appieno le opportunità date dalle tecnologie digitali sia nella vita di tutti i giorni che nel lavoro.

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